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app lock all android user

Hello friends, in today’s post I am going to tell you about one such App Lock. To lock the many apps in your mobile. I will tell you about OOPS App Lock Android App. This is a very good app, with the help of this app you can set a password in all the applications of your mobile. Once the password is set in the mobile app, no one can use your phone. Like many people want to leave their phone and use someone else’s phone. Although there are many apps but your phone has very important apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.). You can enter the password in that. After that no one will be able to open the application. Nor can you use the app on your phone, it will be absolutely safe with the help of this app, so you must read this post from beginning to last.

What Is Oops AppLock Android App ?

This is such an app, with its help you can lock any app on your phone. So no one will be able to open your phone’s app as if you have locked any mobile app. So the mobile will ask for password to open it. And he doesn’t even know what the password is. So how will it open? Therefore, share your Facebook, contact number,Applock can be installed on Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Truecaller. If anyone tries to open it, an error will be shown in front of him. While you have locked your WhatsApp account. So if anyone wants to open your WhatsApp then an error will be shown in front of him. And he will not be able to open the WhatsApp account even if he wants to.

How to use this Oops AppLock app?

All of you first download the app by clicking on the download button given below.

  • After downloading, install the app and open it.
  • After that click on Next.
  • After doing this, the setup lock password will come, then you will see the lock here from 2 times to 6 times.
  • You will have to set the lock with the volume of your mobile. Then here in the mobile, if you want to lock the Up button 3 times, then you can absolutely do so.
  • When you want to lock the volume 6 times, select it 6 times and turn it on.
  • You can put a lock with the lock icon on the side of any app in which you want to add the photo. And you can choose a good photo from the gallery.

I hope that you liked reading this post about oops Applock, then do let us know in the comments and also share it with your friends. Thank you.

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