How to Used Free WiFi Without Knowing Password for Simple Tricks

Hello friends, in today’s time everyone uses the Internet. And he watches videos and listens to songs with the help of internet. And no online work can be done without internet. That’s why internet is very useful. And to use the internet, people keep trying to connect to others’ WiFi. And when they connect to wifi, they are asked for the password of that wifi network. And you guys don’t know the password. And the app is not able to connect to that wifi.

In this article it has been told that how you can know the password of any wifi. Being just an android application, this app will tell you the password of every wifi. And your problem will be solved. And even if your internet goes out, you can connect to that wifi and use the internet.

WIFI – Master is a free Wi-Fi unlock network that gives you relevant data about Wi-Fi connections near you. Even though there are so many exclusive features available in this application that save you time and hard work of searching for WiFi connections.

If there is a wifi network near your house then wifi master application will help you in finding the password of that wifi. And you can connect to that network by knowing the password. But you can connect wifi only when you have complete knowledge about wifi master. If you have read this post from the beginning till now, you have learned a little bit from it. And complete information about this app is given below, read it completely, only then you will know how to find out the wifi password.

What is the WIFI – MASTER app?

Wifi – Master helps to find free Wi-Fi connections near you, and even in some conditions, it helps to crack the Wi-Fi password as well. You can call Wifi – Master a Wi-Fi Hunter as well because it has similar work like that. This wonderful problem-solving application was made up by bhai Degoo Backup AB- a Cloud company.

This is a Swedish company and is trusted around the whole world. This company solves the difficulties and problems of people free of cost. But in this Wifi – Master application, there are some in-app purchases as well but it is not necessary to buy it. To this date, this application has more than a hundred million plus downloads on Google Play Store officially.

The User experience and quality of this application are also fantastic, it is not to run the application because it is just 55 MB in size. You will get different types of features and services in this application free of cost. Now late we quickly grab and learn features of the Wifi – Master app .

Features of the Wifi – Master application?

There are varieties of features of the Wifi – Master application available in the app, if we talk about all the features then thousands of words will fall short. So the needy and must-known features of the Wifi – Master app are as follows:-

Map Feature:- This Feature gives you any of all free and public WiFi networks near you. You just need to give some location info and that’s it your work is done. Now they automatically get and give you the nearest wifi network location.

Offline Map Feature:- Even if you have no Internet connection then with the help of this Offline map you will get WiFi networks near you without any internet. This feature will help when you are traveling outside your region.

User Friendly:- This application is very user-friendly and easy to use as well. but in some conditions, you will get some ads between the applications because this is their revenue model. But overall the user-friendliness and caring of this application are very good.

Security:- This is a very user-friendly trust and well-known branded application, also if we talk about security it is very fantastic, and none of your data will be leaked. One more positive thing about this application is you don’t need to sign up for this application so that the data leaking problem hasn’t arisen.

How to use the Wifi – Master app?

To use the Instabridge application You need to follow The below steps so that you wouldn’t be in trouble while using it.

  • First of all, you need to download the latest version of the Wifi – Master application from the Google Play Store.
  • Then you need to open the application and give the necessary permits needed to use the application such as location info, etc.
  • That’s it now you can use the different types of teachers in this application very easily without any trouble.
  • Now you can click on the Wi-Fi center and you will get the nearest Wi-Fi network available near you.
  • In the map section, you will get the full map of Wi-Fi networks near you according to your location.
  • That’s it, these are very tiny steps you need to follow to use the Wifi – Master app. Now you can enjoy free internet access with Wifi – Master


In this article you will see that with the help of WiFi Master anyone can know the password of WiFi network. And also got to teach how to use this application Wifi master. Hope you liked this post very much. If anyone is facing any problem in connecting to WiFi then they can ask all their problems in the comment box. Our team will reply you immediately. Thank you very much for staying on this post.

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